Practice Management Program


Practice Assessment

The choice is yours!

Don't work for your practice - have your practice work for you.

Is the everyday running of your practice impacting on your lifestyle?

Discover how to improve your lifestyle while creating a professional, profitable and sought after dental practice.


Realise Your Vision - While Living Your Life

Let PLATINUM Professional Development assess your practice and provide you with a comprehensive, practical practice management proposal detailing how you can achieve your goal of creating that ideal, profitable practice and provide you with the lifestyle you deserve.

Our consultant will visit your practice to gain first hand knowledge of the present operations and systems within your practice during a normal clinical day. Depending on the size of your practice, this can be between 1 - 3 days.

Together with our accounting department we will analyse the financial reports of your practice.

We individually interview each team member. We will assess the impact of the image of your team, practice and marketing on your current and potential patients.

Enlightened with this knowledge, we will then produce a comprehensive practice management 'blueprint' proposal designed to meet your practice vision, goals, needs and your lifestyle.

This practice management proposal will contain valuable information which you will refer to for the life of your practice.  It will detail our findings and recommendations for your practice, our proposed onsite time, our support program and your investment.



The Beginning of a New Direction

Following the Practice Assessment and appointment of PLATINUM Professional Development, the implementation prcess begins. 

The initial phase of the implementation of your Management Program begins with a '2 Day Team Development Workshop'. These 2 days are usually held at a venue away from the practice and all team members are encouraged to attend. This is immediately followed by 2 days onsite for implementation, support and team coaching with our experienced consultant.

The program then continues for the agreed time frame (usually 18 - 24 months) with regular onsite consultations and training.  Our consultant and fully trained professional support team also provide you with unlimited email and telephone support for you and your entire team during this term.

The 2 Day Team Development Workshop creates the environment necessary to begin your program and move forward.

Day 1 - Creating the Exceptional Team

An exciting day of PROFESSIONAL AND PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT as a team, normally held at a venue away from the practice.

Day 2 - Creating the Exceptional Practice

The SYSTEMS designed to DRIVE YOUR VISION at your practice. 


The team and your patients will be impressed and inspired by the early results seen in the practice.

As you and your team build your skills, PLATINUM Professional Development will add to your wealth of knowledge with continual onsite team training and the implementation of new and innovative systems and procedures to guide your practice towards achieving your goals.

Our aim at PLATINUM Professional Development is to provide you and your team with the skills to enable the entire team to deliver excellent dentistry to happy and satisfied patients in a professional, fun, caring and friendly environment.

We will continue to assess and monitor the achievements of the practice and deliver to you the results on a formal basis.

The goal of PLATINUM Professional Development is to consolidate systems, procedures and the new way of practicing into your everyday working life.  This allows for continued success long after your Practice Management Program is complete.

  • If you desire an impetus for change, consult the exuberant Kathy Metaxas.  Our practice reaped the benefits of PLATINUM's program in a short period of time.  We have been encouraged in our underlying philosophies of quality patient care and have expanded our practice horizons, as well as our team

    Midland Dental Care - Western Australia

  • PLATINUM is the best thing that has happened to our practice.


  • PLATINUM turned our energy and enthusiasm into a professional and polished team. The high level of professionalism and many different systems that have been introduced have streamlined our workload and increased our production

    Duncraig Dental Care - Western Australia

  • Kathy presents with an enthusiasm that is contagious and inspires you with the practical guidance to improve customer service in the practice.


  • Kathy, I was so impressed with this whole two days.  I wish there was more.  I got so much from it and am so eager to implement so much.


  • I particularly enjoyed role play scenarios!  They can be intimidating but are absolutely the best way to learn.

    New South Wales

  • Fantastic course for all team members

    Western Australia

  • I am so excited and can't wait to get to work on Monday and 'get started'


  • The workshop was paced well.  Thank you Kathy and Team.  It was absolutely beneficial to me

    Dentist, Western Australia

  • Packed with 'gems' presented by Kathy with enthusiasm and tips we can take back to implement straight away


  • I loved the laid back interactive approach and the chance to network and share ideas.


  • Today I became a TC, tomorrow I will get the YES.

    J Crawford - Western Australia

  • Great opportunity to learn how to better our Practice.

    Dr R, South Australia

  • The front desk team that attended had a wonderful time and came home with a few gems too! Looking forward to my debrief from my front office team so we can implement or incorporate these new pearls.

    Donna, WA