The Front Office Module


The Front Office Module

Your reputation begins the moment a patient makes contact with you. Are patients leaving your practice due to their front office experience?

First impressions are lasting. The whole front office team need to be well trained and feel supported if you want an outstanding experience for every patient. 

The front desk is the 'hub' of the practice organisation and many times productivity.

Introduce proven procedures that hold the front office accountable to all patients having a memorable experience that has them 'raving' about you.

Implementation process delivered onsite by an experienced dental consultant / coach.


The Front Office Module consists of:

  1. One session onsite per month for four months 
  2. Four months of measuring all front office systems implemented
  3. Monthly teleconference calls with all front office team members 
  4. Unlimited support and email contact


What you will receive - “The Front Office Tool Kit”

Front office dress code

Professional handover checklist

New patient introduction to the practice protocol

Front office advertisements

Job descriptions and responsibility statements

Performance appraisals

Front office dress code

Professional handover checklist

All front office systems

Scripting and verbiage for front office communication

The pending program outline - the dormant 'practice inside your practice'

The hygiene system (recalls)

Front desk daily checklists

The blueprint for scheduling - new patients including urgent care on the day, and high and low productivity

The 'concierge' package for all front office team members

Financial arrangements that make it easy for patients and prevents a cancellation


Benefits of the Front Office Module are:

Giving your team clarity and customised one on one training 

Introducing accountability

Implementing professional image including attitude

Introducing the concierge service for every patient's arrival and exit 

Scheduling for productivity, not filling 'gaps'

Managing cancellations with a more productive outcome

Telephone etiquette that works and makes your practice shine 

Pending program, activate the practice inside your practice

Renew your present recall program


Your front office team wears many hats. It's imperative they know and understand how to manage all tasks efficiently, professionally and with minimal stress.

Together let's unlock your front office teams potential and create superstars! 


  • If you desire an impetus for change, consult the exuberant Kathy Metaxas.  Our practice reaped the benefits of PLATINUM's program in a short period of time.  We have been encouraged in our underlying philosophies of quality patient care and have expanded our practice horizons, as well as our team

    Midland Dental Care - Western Australia

  • PLATINUM is the best thing that has happened to our practice.


  • PLATINUM turned our energy and enthusiasm into a professional and polished team. The high level of professionalism and many different systems that have been introduced have streamlined our workload and increased our production

    Duncraig Dental Care - Western Australia

  • Kathy presents with an enthusiasm that is contagious and inspires you with the practical guidance to improve customer service in the practice.


  • Kathy, I was so impressed with this whole two days.  I wish there was more.  I got so much from it and am so eager to implement so much.


  • I particularly enjoyed role play scenarios!  They can be intimidating but are absolutely the best way to learn.

    New South Wales

  • Fantastic course for all team members

    Western Australia

  • I am so excited and can't wait to get to work on Monday and 'get started'


  • The workshop was paced well.  Thank you Kathy and Team.  It was absolutely beneficial to me

    Dentist, Western Australia

  • Packed with 'gems' presented by Kathy with enthusiasm and tips we can take back to implement straight away


  • I loved the laid back interactive approach and the chance to network and share ideas.


  • Today I became a TC, tomorrow I will get the YES.

    J Crawford - Western Australia

  • Great opportunity to learn how to better our Practice.

    Dr R, South Australia

  • The front desk team that attended had a wonderful time and came home with a few gems too! Looking forward to my debrief from my front office team so we can implement or incorporate these new pearls.

    Donna, WA